Adobe Flex

Virtual Patient

My last school project. Rich Internet application created with Flex 4 (based on Cairngorm), Away3D, AMFPHP, PHP, and MySQL. Main purpose of application is to help doctors with patient management and provide 3D human model to pin points with information about their illness. PL language version.

Cocoa Touch


KSFlipButton is a small component similar to that used in the flip clock. Can be used as a UI control for setting a numerical value. Font size adjusts to the length of given number. KSFlipButton can be initialized with any size, color and rounded corner radius.


ProjectSliders is a simple table view with custom cells. Every cell contains label and slider. At the bottom right is element which indicates the optimal value for all sliders. There is also modal (settings) view with text inputs, where user can change text for every label. Label strings are saved in user defaults and can be reset to default values.

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